Women’s boxing in the media: Ever since women’s boxing first entered public awareness, the media have influenced its image. Ulrike Heitmüller could not have competed in Germany’s first amateur women’s boxing tournament had it not been for the huge interest of the press. Professional Matches of women would not have been broadcast on TV without Regina Halmichs appearance in entertaining shows. In professional boxing especially, women are using the media – not to become famous but to be able to compete in the first place. Using the media means adapting to prevalent marketing strategies, which in many cases equals adhering to traditional role models.

The project explores different media that help to shape the image of women’s boxing and the construction of clichés and views on women in this sport: essayistic and academic prose, radio and print media, TV shows and movies. At the same time, the making of a separate construing medium in its own right, the documentary film Championesse is reflected upon: a film about amateur and professional women boxers in German-speaking areas that promotes a broader view on this groups of women by means of artistic concept, shooting and cutting decisions.

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Ulrike Heitmüller

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