Seven women boxers. Seven strategists. Seven winners.

For amateur boxer Maria, in the boxing ring and in real life likewise, everything is about learning not only to roll with the punches but to dish them out too. For two-time world champion Heidi from Lower Saxony, personal development is the overarching principle. In fights she gets to know her limits and learns to overcome them. Melanie is holding the title of Austrian champion, Raja and Maria are professional boxers based in Karlsruhe, Germany. For all three women, the reasons for which they are boxers are the same: a boundless joy of fighting and winning. Nicole has stood the test both physically and psychologically by winning the title of European champion. And for Heather from Canada, founder of the largest women’s boxing movement in the world, the real victory of women’s boxing is the fact that there is a close community of strong women.

Championesse takes viewers to Austrian and German gyms and boxing rings, showing women who fought their 
way into an archaic and male-dominated sport.

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